This type of Contract is favored where the scope of the work is indeterminate or highly uncertain and the kinds of labor, material and equipment needed are also uncertain. The role of your salespeople is vital. …Architecture firms are varied, creative, ever-changing, bespoke, dynamic, and vibrant environments to work within; there is not one firm that is the same. Types of Internships for Architecture Majors. I often see this situation in the plight of the embattled BIM Manager, of someone trying to pull the firm in a new direction while everyone else thinks she’s obsessed with the wrong things. This situation is a great opportunity or a disaster in the making. But what does it mean to work in an architecture firm and what should we expect when looking for one? Individual employees are always growing, learning, and moving along their own paths. Each employee and boss agrees on where the firm is heading and what is of value. Architecture - Architecture - Architectural types: Architecture is created only to fulfill the specifications of an individual or group. Some states may restrict the type of legal structure under which architecture firms may conduct business. Many reside in cities with the vibrance and good transport links, and some choose to locate themselves away from urban life in rural areas. The following is a list of architectural firms. The name doesn’t come for free however; you’ll be required to work long hours, and so it requires full commitment! Their art serves a higher purpose. Sole Proprietor. These firms will have locations all over the world and will employ hundreds of people. This was never more evident than when looking at the Neoclasssical movement. Interior architects are respon… But their common origin allows them to communicate with each other. If you haven’t read them, or read them recently, go read them and then come back. We attract clients who desire to build a unique vision for their project, with innovative design that differentiates them from others and expresses their distinct qualities. Now Reading: Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors. Some architecture firms choose to specialize on one market sector such as single family residential. Architects often argue over the actual definitionof our discipline, but can never really escape the use of broad terms, coming from a fantastically broad education. A firm with a common baseline might turn to chaos and need to be rescued by a concerted effort towards developing a shared vision. Large firms of over 50 people may be organized departmentally, regionally, or in studios specializing in project types. 1.1 Architectural firm as a business Architecture is a business in which technical knowledge, management, and an understanding of business are as important as design. All agree that the goal of the firm and the body of work point towards the same shared firm vision. These firms often consist of two to three principles and/or partners, and by this stage they have developed and carved out a good niche in the architecture market and specialize in a certain sector. As you might remember from the previous post, I talked about how instead of being a point on the graph of archetypes, we are really each a vector. often associated with other academic institutions Interiors/Retail Architects: Do a lot of retail or cafe design, occasionally a residential project. If a firm is aware of what they look like, then they can use that understanding to guide the firm, uplift their employees, and leverage their diversity (or lack thereof). An architect designs the look, shape and function of a building and has a responsibility for ensuring that buildings are safe and legally compliant. More than 70% of architecture firms saw their billings drop in the second quarter of 2020—but some building types are actually more in-demand than they were before the pandemic. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Google+ Email. Of the ones you listed, I think that the individuals with a shared baseline would work quite well. Credits: 1 AIA LU/HSW; 1 AIBD P-CE; 0.1 IACET CEU May qualify for learning hours through most Canadian architectural associations The terms architecture firm, studio and/or practice can all be used to describe a company and place of work that employs one or more licensed architects to practice architecture. SO-IL. Architectural firms included in the study were selected from the 342 firms listed in the Register of architectural firms licensed to practice in Nigeria (ARCON, 2006). You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources . The danger though is over time the individuals become too disparate. It depends on your specific needs and the future plans of your firm. These cities were Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Port Harcourt, and Ibadan. El Giza, Egypt. Because without that force pulling people back to the central point, that outward motion can quickly morph into chaos. Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors. A firm might be composed of a variety of individuals at different points in their careers, but if they are all heading in the same direction, then their diversity becomes a strength. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). BLDGS is one among 8 emerging firms honored by the Architectural League of New York, which spotlights emerging North American firms that have the potential to influence architecture’s trajectory in coming years. However in some countries, an unlicensed individual is permitted to offer architectural services without a license, as long as they do not use architect or architects in their description. Instead of classifying the different types of architecture firms by stylistic preference, firm structure, or by one of the six archetypes of individuals—which certainly all apply and are worthy of discussion—I want to look at how different groups of individuals affect the … An architect can opt to be a jack of all trades or just specialize, and here we give you a brief on the 7 types of architects you are likely to be one of, at some point in your career. The field of architecture is very specialized. The proverbial black sheep: everyone else is unified and heading in one direction and there’s the lone iconoclast. An architecture firm must employ licensed architects if the term architect or architects features anywhere within its title or description. Now Reading: Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors. I agree, the shared baseline firm can be really strong—really, really strong—, but it definitely needs nurturing and someone to keep the firm circling back on itself. Sampled firms were randomly selected from six cities where 77.7% of firms … Which Business Type is Best for An Architecture Firm? Conversely if the firm recognizes this difference, or if the individual does, this can be a great opportunity—if both sides have trust, openness, and communication. Types of Architecture Jobs. It includes notable worldwide examples of architecture firms, companies, practices, partnerships, etc. So I think any firm can succeed, but how they will best succeed is dependent on dealing properly with their underlying nature and structure. For example, a Level 3 Architect working at a firm with revenues of more than $15 million could expect a mean income of $104,870. Tutorials, Guides & Tools for Architecture Students & Young Architects. NEXT Next article. Each of the mentioned firms is involved in producing the best architectural projects. Documented by both Dezeen and Design Boom you can see how varied each firm is, but how they all provide bright, comfortable and in some cases green spaces for their employees to work within. Thirdly, as described above, the atmosphere and working experience can really help to breed a creative and fulfilling environment. ... public relations firm or small business communicate their message to the public. Architecture. A small firm will have a small kitchen and toilet for its employees, a meeting table, and then of course a row or bank of desks with computers. - Shoegnome. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_5',672,'0','0']));Each employee will have a share in the company and therefore its profits (as well as its loses); this helps to share responsibility and creates a very vibrant learning atmosphere for young architects. These are the Zaha Hadid’s, Rem Koolhaas’s and Norman Fosters of the architectural world, and where a lot of architecture students and young architects dream of working and aspire to be. Architecture. architecture editorial geometry grain grid halftone illustration layout paper texture. There is no one size fits all, and ultimately people generally gravitate towards the environment that suits them best and enables them to express their own creativity. In a firm like this, the individuals might all have different interests. Gensler, Perkins+Will, HKS, and Perkins Eastman top the rankings of the nation's largest architecture firms for nonresidential buildings and multifamily buildings work, as reported in Building Design+Construction's 2019 Giants 300 Report.. This is a relatively new way to structure an architecture firm but one that breeds a cooperative and healthy working environment, by making everyone accountable and able to directly influence the firms success. An architecture firm in the United States usually has at least one "principal," a licensed architect who is the sole proprietor of the firm, or one who shares an ownership interest with the other architects in the firm (either as a partner in a partnership, or as a shareholder in a corporation). By no means comprehensive, the architectural styles included have proven to be benchmarks in society, leaving a lasting legacy that continues today. Advances in information technology have made it possible for firms to open offices or establish alliances with other firms in different parts of the world. It’s always good to have people who share a different point of view, but they will still work toward the common goal. In this paper type refers not to the type or kind of architecture produced such as by functional types, morphological types or historical types … More importantly healthy firms are always in flux. Larger firms have the capacity and willingness to pay higher salaries. been unclear. The findings show that sizes of the firms was an important factor, which influenced the organizational structures adopted by the architectural firms. With a medium sized firm you can expect to find more staff facilities, an admin desk / department, an assigned meeting room, library, model department, separate offices for principles and even more desks! For the 6th consecutive year in a row, Gensler has topped Architectural Record's list of Top 300 firms.Companies are ranked by the total revenue for architectural services performed in 2016—for companies that offer other services as well, such as planning or engineering, earnings acquired through these offerings are not considered in the rankings. As a profession the roles and responsibilities within a firm … This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. Landscape Architect Designing outd… All rights reserved. One thing most people don’t understand, or understand only on a very basic level is that Two will never be identical. Landscape Architect. After all, many architecture firms don’t make full use of their social media profiles. Poet-Architect: The midpoint between Philosopher and Artist. In the United Kingdom, however a firm tends to resemble the larger band of companies, whereas ‘studio’ addresses companies of approximately 20 employees or less.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',110,'0','0'])); That aside, a firm can be structured in a variety of ways via either partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, or simply as sole practitioners. Economic law prevents architects from emulating their fellow artists in producing works for which the demand is nonexistent or only potential. Sampled firms were randomly selected from six cities where 77.7% of firms were located. I’m sure that most of us are used to hearing them being labeled as residential, commercial, or based off of style. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',667,'0','0']));…and this apparent no matter what the size the firm is, or how many people it employs. I also described my own journey. As the name suggests they work on their own, which whilst that may sound lonely, it gives them ultimate flexibility and freedom. Below are some of the most common project types architecture firms work on. However, for some types of architectural design services, flat fees make more sense because they allow clients to better predict service costs. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-box-4','ezslot_0',669,'0','0'])); Some of the larger medium sized together with the larger firms, will have their own staff and client hospitality departments hosting refreshments and eating facilities. Throughout history, different types of architecture have come to symbolize different ideas. That vector (with its corresponding origin, direction, and magnitude) tells us not only about our interests, but also how we relate to other architects. The Giants 300 Top 150 Architecture Firms rankings are sponsored by Dörken Systems Inc. - DELTA. The five types of firms identified by the study included male-dominated firms, amorphous firms, conventional firms, stable/ traditional firms and versatile firms. Rarely are firms so cleanly codified. Two individuals might both self-identify with the Artist, but be heading in completely different directions. Ultimately (like it or not), the people you work with are the people you will spend the majority of your time with, and so it’s important that you like (most) of them. In this episode we discuss the 4 main business entities for architecture firms: The type of architect you are or want to be is generally a personal chose and one that is largely dependent on the type of architecture firm you choose to work for, and the type of work they specialize in. What does my journey as an Architect look like? Architecture photographer Marc Goodwin from archmospheres has caught this beautifully, by documenting some of the world’s largest firms and capturing the distinctive working environments and atmospheres of each company. The future of Architecture Practice : A “burst” in architecture activity is what we would entitle the scene of Architecture industry in the last fifteen years. HOK employees from around the country post different types of content, such as links to YouTube videos, Facebook profiles and Flickr images. Managing a successful architectural practice relies on a number of immutable, longstanding truths. They will have a strict and robust systems and methods of working in place, with a well-structured hierarchy of staff and management positions.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'archisoup_com-leader-1','ezslot_15',823,'0','0'])); They often pay the highest salaries that come with good benefits, however if times become hard or projects start to slow down, they are ruthless in letting people go, with little to no loyalty to its staff. That’s because an architect’s work often takes the form of a three-dimensional built object with distinctive shapes, colors and character. This leaves a gap in the market that you can use to build your firm’s reputation and brand. For example, in America, many public buildings, particularly government buildings, are built in the neoclassical style, which in turn imitates the buildings found in ancient Greece. There are five different types of architect jobs: designer, project manager, consultant, business owner, and instructor.All five job types require a combination of education and experience, and architects are generally trained in both engineering and design. As architects, there are five basic business types from which to choose. The way you described them is quite unique. But my hunch is the most important factor is awareness. Downtown-based GBBN opened its fifth office in Minneapolis last … Luckily it is normally easy to establish if it’s a right for you, when you attend the interview. 1) Victorian. Posted by accessarchitects6 January 17, 2020 January 15, 2020 Posted in Access Architects, Architecture Firm Tags: Architecture Firm, architecture firms near you, big architects. Artisan-Architect: The midpoint between Artist and Builder. One of the largest architectural firms in Greater Cincinnati has expanded to Minneapolis. Although New York and California have the most jobs for architects, Georgia has the highest-paid architect salary with a mean of $97,900.The mean wage for California is $95,070, and New York has a mean wage of $91,610.However, to put these figures in perspective, the cost of living in San Francisco is 82 percent higher compared to Atlanta, Georgia, primarily because of high housing costs. Credits: 1 AIA LU/Elective . Here’s the list of top 50 architecture firms/ architects in Ahmedabad for people seeking the best architects in the city of Ahmedabad. But what does it mean to work in an architecture firm and what should we expect when looking for one? READ MORE: 10 Lessons I Learned After Architecture School As with architecture itself, the atmosphere of a firm plays a large and important role in its success by striving to provide an inspiring and comfortable working environment for its employees and visiting clients. It is he who takes all the final calls for the betterment of the firm. These are the architects who might talk about frozen music, Feng Shui, etc. At the AIA's Practice Innovation Lab in October, 60 young architects brainstormed new business models for 21st-century architectural practices. We have many examples and further inside peeks into the environments of architecture firms here on our pinterest account. The layout of firm is highly subjective and interchangeable, as well as heavily influenced by the number of employees. Giza pyramid complex. Three percent of employers provided health club reimbursements or cell phones to employees. Share. This not only means that they can obtain work worldwide, but also that due to the time differences of its different locations a firm can be globally working 24/7. Follow Shoegnome on Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed for more on being an Architect in the 21st Century. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. An architect is someone who plans, designs, and reviews the construction of buildings. Simple management structures will be in place with a small ladder for staff to climb. This type of architect probably isn’t even reading this post. It includes notable worldwide examples of architecture firms , companies, practices, partnerships, etc. By … This is one way that the buildings in the U.S. capital express the ideas of democracy. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'archisoup_com-box-3','ezslot_7',665,'0','0']));As mentioned above, the term architecture firm indicates that the company working under the title offers and procures architectural services and work. There might be Pragmatists, Poets, Artists, and Builders. I haven’t really thought about the types of architecture firms in the sense you have illustrated above. A total of 157 were selected from the list of 342 firms. For instance, the directory of the New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects lists 42 different types of architecture firms. The terms architecture firm, studio and/or practice can all be used to describe a company and place of work that employs one or more licensed architects to practice architecture. Top 90 Architecture Firms in Delhi 26 Mins Read. In this happier scenario a firm has access to a lone visionary, to someone willing to go against the norm to discover something new. It was only in the 19th century that architecture began to be practiced as a full-time profession. Let’s go from good to bad to difficult. Today’s guest is Patti Harris, Esq., LEED AP, one of the world’s leading authorities on business formation for architecture firms.. Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors. Small firms with approximately 5 to 10 or less employees will often have no formal organization or structure and will be solely run and maintained by the owners/principles. Today’s guest is Patti Harris, Esq., LEED AP, one of the world’s leading authorities on business formation for architecture firms.. NEXT Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors. My first exposure to the architect profession is the dad on the Brady Bunch. View all tags. Moving on from a sole practitioner, on average they resemble an up and coming practice that is gradually taking on new and larger projects, whilst looking for the next step. Ancient Egyptian Architecture . He/she is the individual who holds the supreme decision making abilities and also the maximum responsibility. and What Does My Journey as an Architect look Like? They will be defined by your interests, talent and skills. Or a shared vision might might get too oppressive or not align with a new hire. Their art is expressed through the craft of their works, both the architectural production and the final built work. An Architecture Firm that Specializes vs an Architecture Firm that Generalizes. A very popular choice for new firms is the simplest structure; sole proprietor. The types of organizational structure in architectural firms were identified using data obtained from 92 architectural firms in Nigeria. Please note that the names are arranged in alphabetical order and NOT ranked in any manner. Does the type of position define how successful you are? What type of architecture firm do you work at? Each might be pulling in a different direction. But to be more specific; you could be a technical architect with expertise in detailing, specifications, building envelope. Ultimately, each and every architect has their own style and vision. This type of architecture focuses on outdoor areas. For the 6th consecutive year in a row, Gensler has topped Architectural Record's list of Top 300 firms.Companies are ranked by the total revenue for architectural services performed in 2016—for companies that offer other services as well, such as planning or engineering, earnings acquired through these offerings are not considered in the rankings. Instead of classifying the different types of architecture firms by stylistic preference, firm structure, or by one of the six archetypes of individuals—which certainly all apply and are worthy of discussion—I want to look at how different groups of individuals affect the health and stability of a company. Mush like any industry, there are a large and varied amount of architectural firms out there, and the below hopes to illustrate the wide variety of creative environments that exist. PDF | On Jul 29, 2014, M Bos de Vos and others published Business Model Design of Architectural Service Firms | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate And while the pyramids might be the structures that come to mind when thinking of Egyptian architecture, they are not to the only type of architectural expression the Egyptians built. So here we will delve into the mechanics and workings of an architecture firm, and discuss what makes … You can almost build a rough hierarchy but I can see how ta firm of individuals with different ideas but a shared baseline can really thrive. Whilst also demonstrating the vastly different approaches to management the principles have. It depends on your specific needs and the future plans of your firm. This is an unincorporated business with no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity. The two types of fee contracts are cost-plus contracts and fixed-price contracts. A total of 157 were selected from the list of 342 firms. The site aggregates several social media platforms and encourages feedback and interaction with and between its users. These studios consist of 2 to 5 people, working in a small studio or sometimes an off chute of the principles home. The one individual who is perhaps part of the pack, but going elsewhere or maybe completely outside the firm’s baseline and vision. They are responsible for providing the detailed instructions and drawings to create buildings. Attempting to make sense of it all, the website Architectural Fees is an independent resource that aims to untangle this subject for young architects and the wider public. You can expect to work on a large variety of public and commercial projects, with opportunities to work and travel overseas. As a result of this, Kent De Clark® Architectural Firm, LLP will charge our clients a flat fee for many basic architectural design services et al. Kasia Bojanowska • Follow Following • Hire Me. Below is a list of 7 branches of architecture for you to consider: 1. This environment often consists of a close-knit team of young  likeminded people. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What matters is the direction of the vectors. I have had this third post outlined since I wrote those posts and it’s about time I finished and shared it—especially because there’s a fourth post that needs to reference this one. A very interesting post Jared. So here we will delve into the mechanics and workings of an architecture firm, and discuss what makes them such exciting places to work. Almost all developed cities and those with emerging economies have their own architecture masterpieces that have either or all: the aesthetic delight, functional feasibility, and structural creativity. And how do you fit in? Though these invaded the industry a long time ago, they are gaining ground with each new invention, technology, and new method explored.At this point we can understand why certain types of architecture firms/ offices can remain stable, grow, or falter in the coming years. Kayleb, I don’t have any further analysis as I think the next step would be to apply these templates to firms and see what we learn (Which I don’t have the time to do, but would LOVE to see someone else attempt). Large practices, will have all the above at a much larger scale often spread across multiple floors of a building. The partner or senior principal is the owner or main shareholder in the firm and may also hold the title of the partner, president or chief executive officer. A firm like this might show more diversity than a firm with a shared vision, as this firm is exploring more directions. So a firm with a shared vision might push too far and fragment, or worse: stagnate. I can’t believe it’s been well over a year since I wrote the posts What Kind of Architect are You? Or does this knowledge help you realize that it’s time to jump ship…for another firm or for the grand world of self-employment? This architecture 101 timeline of major Western types of architecture will give you a crash course in the development of design and construction. We touch on the structure and organization of an architectural firm here, however each company will have a principal or principals who are the sole proprietors of the firm, and may depending on its size share the responsibilities with partners and directors who will often be shareholders. Architects returned to the thinking of Renaissance master Palladio, who was strongly influenced by Roman architectural ideas of proportion and perfection. Aside from choosing a firm that produces the work and architecture that you are interested in, we think the most important aspect of a firm is its people and like-mindedness of the individuals. There’s nothing that we like more than finding out from other architects what their firms are like, and what’s good and what’s bad. You may hear people talk about the 4 P’s of marketing for architects. Types of Architecture Firms designed by Kasia Bojanowska. If you go into this specialized field, you might design parklands, gardens, and lawns surrounding college campus buildings and other public destinations. Several architecture firms have branched into industrial design, due to their close creative ties. Large firms of 50 and above employees will also often have multiple practices located around the world. A family run firm is often passed down through and at least two generations. A collection of individuals, each in their own spot, each going in whatever direction interests them. Kasia Bojanowska. Detailed list of the 7 different types of architects that build pretty much everything in society including houses, skyscrapers, bridges, museums, schools, landscapes, cities and more. Of course these diagrams are just idealizations and momentary views. And that post has a deadline, sort of. And the result is chaos. Employees frustrated by this individual might leave while others might join him, fragmenting the firm. …and we hope it stays that way!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'archisoup_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_13',825,'0','0'])); Copyright © 2020 Archisoup. They tend to pride themselves on family and loyalty values, and aim to look after their staff, which as a result will often consist on several long standing members. The types of organizational structure in architectural firms were identified using data obtained from 92 architectural firms in Nigeria. What are the different types of architecture firms? This is a firm that might do too many project types, have too many fee structures, lack a common design philosophy, etc. In addition, ‘baby boomer’ firm owners now considering retirement also fuel various ownership transitions. Guest Contributor: Mike Plotnick, Plotlines Creative . Most retail architects are employees of the retailer, but some architecture firms also specialize in … If the outlier is a leader or owner, it can tear the firm apart. Or an architecture firm might have both a common baseline AND a shared vision. What Does My Journey as an Architect look Like? However, some people prefer not to establish contact in this fashion. However due to nature and amount of work involved from both an architectural and business point of view, employees (if they choose to) can gain valuable experience by helping with additional elements of the firm, that others in larger companies would not get exposed to. There’s nothing that we like more than finding out from other architects what their firms are like, and what’s good and what’s bad. Under this arrangement complete records of all time and materials spent by the Contractor on the work must be maintained. In this episode we discuss the 4 main business entities for architecture firms: These firms are messes and rarely fun to work at. Privately owned architecture firms in today's consolidating, competitive environment face numerous hurdles when considering traditional internal ownership transitions and leadership succession programs. The start academic firms can get very aspirational projects, civic, institutions, etc. Save Like #E8C6AC #0B0C10 #5B4C4E; #A127C3; #D97514; #BC884F; Here's a new blog post illustration for Monograph. A firm that sees this and supports this person is not only opening themselves up to success, but is also probably a great place to work. This simplicity was a reaction to the ornate Baroque and Rococo styles that were popular in the preceding centuries. And if you haven’t guessed, at most of my jobs I typically felt that I was the red vector in the last diagram…. The same architect working at a firm with revenues of $1 to $5 … Prior to the pyramids, Egyptians focused on incredibly detailed temple complexes that focused on aesthetic beauty and function. Architecture is the study of building design, construction techniques, and the materials to create homes, buildings, public spaces and outdoor areas. I want to finally look at how these archetypes and personal journeys fit within a firm structure. Sole practitioners tend to work from home or a small office, and take on small projects such as extensions, refurbishments, and small one-off houses. The teams can be divided by such elements as experience, project type, output and administration, and sometimes even by state/county or country. Types of Architects. Architecture is one of the most visual businesses on the planet. Hello, Kams designer zone is one of the best Architectural Firm in Pune having 10+ year of experience in architectural field. As a design-focused firm, Soluri Architecture works within a wide range of project types, bringing our unique design methodology to each project we take on. The Architecture Magazine survey reported that 38 percent of private firms offered a profit-sharing plan to architects in the office. Or whatever combination of archetypes. List types of specialized software and other accounting systems and their potential applications for architectural firms, such as time tracking, project management, billings, and their integration with other types of business software. Creatively speaking they aren’t often at the top of the game, but will go above and beyond to get the work done.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'archisoup_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_12',824,'0','0'])); Firms can literally be located anywhere and the chose of location is down to the individual/s. Architectural Record Content on Buildings by Type. In some states, for example, architecture firms cannot operate as general business corporations. One of the most powerful civilizations in history, it only makes sense that the Egyptians would produce iconic architecture. This unique direction could be about design theory, prospective clients, new project types, potential revenue streams, different marketing routes, etc. What is the best business type for an architecture firm? From entry level to senior positions there are many roles. Types of Architectural firms An architectural firm or architecture firm is a company which employs one or more Liscenced Architects and practices the profession of architecture. By Jon Morgan February 5, 2018 No Comments.

types of architecture firms

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